Rollo Motion

Right Ride, Right Place, Right Time

Rollo's innovative software creates the world's most efficient fleets by repositioning its smart scooters wherever they need to be.


Street Worthy

The Rollo smart scooter is specifically designed for city streets. It is robust, stable, and ingeniously maneuverable. Rollo offers the most nimble and fun way for riders to take trips around cities. The Rollo smart scooter is the embodiment of design and technology resulting in unprecedented synergy between rider and city.

Beyond the Last Mile

Rollo's unique sit or stand flexibility invites riders to take trips of every length. The ride is safer, smoother, and more comfortable on the straight-aways with 3-wheel stability and an innovative turning design that allows for maneuverability around tight spaces in urban landscapes. Enjoy short rides that are quick, fun, and convenient with the ability to deftly move through dense places at low or high speeds alike. Enjoy longer rides that are relaxing and comfortable with a cushy seat and suspension that smooths out the road. Either way, Rollo has power, comfort, and style to get you there.


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