Our Company

Five things to know about Rollo Motion

Rollos are designed and built in Pasadena, CA — home of Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Zero Emissions and Zero Commissions
Rollos can be deployed with a driver or remote piloted, to bring you the most advanced restaurant delivery service to your door
Rollo moves safely on its own
Faster than a car for any delivery within two miles

Our Story

Rollo Motion was founded on the idea that AI micromobility can elevate the urban landscape of people, places, and things through smart technology and conscientious design in an innovative, autonomous-capable form factor. And, that transportation technology, whether it be of people or goods, needs to be simple enough to be useful at scale. Out of this vision, the Rollo hybrid vehicle was created. Designed, developed, and built in Pasadena, California, the Rollo is rapidly revolutionizing what it means to deliver in today’s world.

Rollo delivery is

Rollo is partnered with the best, most beloved restaurants in your community to deliver directly from their kitchens to your table. We have cracked the code on delivery services by putting the control of the kitchen back into the hands of the restaurants. This results in showcasing what restaurants do best; preparing delicious meals with you in mind.
And customers enjoying what they seek; to bring the flavors of the restaurant experience into the comfort of their homes. We offer a technologically advanced, locally cultivated, and relationship-centric restaurant delivery service. We are reconnecting restaurants to their customers through Rollo delivery; to the delight of partnered restaurants and the satisfaction of happy customers. 

Rollo delivery is technology enabled.

Rollo can move in human rider mode, autonomously, remote piloted, or all three in a single mission. Rollo is deceptively maneuverable, pleasingly streamlined, and decidedly strong.
Rollo is always on the go, because as long as we’re moving, we’ll be headed towards the future. 

Rollo delivery is about getting it done.

Rollo always adapts to its surroundings, while keeping its sights on the long-view. Ryan McLean, Rollo CEO and co-founder, along with the Rollo team, delivered hundreds of charitable meals to the homes of vulnerable families and community members in their time of need, when access to a local food bank temporarily closed.
Rollo has even taken the measurements of earthquakes. Seismic shift is what Rollo is about! We’re leading the new generation of delivery tech and want you to join us for the ride.

Rollo is a powerful team of proven talent from Caltech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Art Center College of Design, and other premier institutions.

Rollo is led by Co-Founder and CEO Ryan McLean. Ryan has delivered experiments to space and consumer products to market. His vast background in software development, rocket payload hardware, and first-generation innovation of radiation detection technology while as a Principal Research Scientist at Caltech, and his experience as the former COO of Razor puts him in a unique position to bring first of its kind technology to delivery innovation. Ryan holds a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, a Master's in Business Management from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Rollo Co-Founder Bill Gross is the founder of IdeaLab, the longest running technology incubator in the country. IdeaLab has created over 150 companies with more than 45 IPOs and acquisitions. Bill planted his first seed of business innovation while earning his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Caltech. Bill has made it his mission to build smart companies to tackle complex problems and invent better solutions towards the growth of a healthier world.